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MotoGP Racing Betting and Reasons behind Its Popularity
MotoGP 2014 and Marc Marquez’ Odds to be the Champion

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MotoGP racing betting is popular among its fanatic fans because of some reasons, such as limited number of players, circuits, and motorbike brands

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MotoGP 2014 will visit Assen, Netherlands. Despite Rossi’s good record at the circuit, Marc Marquez is predicted to make it to the podium .


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MotoGP Racing Betting and Reasons behind Its Popularity

Even though the world’s eyes concentrated at the 2014 World Cup, which is held in Brazil, MotoGP does not lose its popularity. That is why it is still a popular object of sportsbook. The passionate fans will not miss the opportunity to participate in MotoGP racing betting to predict who will make any season to the podium.

Why MotoGP Racing Betting is Popular

Even though MotoGP racing betting is not as popular as football betting, the fanatic fans will not miss any race. They love to participate in this sportsbook because of some reasons. Firstly, MotoGP involves the same riders during the season of the year. It means that the bettors only need to focus on some potential riders to predict the odds.

Secondly, you need to consider fewer things than you do with football betting. The races in MotoGP are held at almost similar circuits. The fans know each of them well, and they know who performs better at each of the circuit. This way, it will be easier to predict who will make it to the podium.

MotoGP 2014 and Marc Marquez’ Odds to be the Champion

The eighth race of MotoGP 2014 will be held in TT Circuit Assen, Netherlands on June 28th 2014. Last year, The Doctor made it to the podium. However, it is predicted to be different this year. Up to the seventh race, the Matador team represented by Marc Marquez has shown outstanding performance, after collecting complete points of 175.

Honda’s Performance in MotoGP 2014

The MotoGP 2014 season seems to belong to Honda. Marc Marquez has left a wide gap between Honda and Yamaha, namely 175 points vs 127 points. At the third position is Ducati, with 74 points. When it comes to rider’s performance, Honda still holds the lucky draw. Marc Marquez constantly made it to the podium. He started at pole position in 6 of 7 races. Even though Dani Pedrosa got the pole position in Catalan circuit, Marquez still managed to win the race.